How do plumbers unblock pipes?

While people often try to save money by unblocking pipes themselves, the easiest and most effective way to clear a blocked drain is to call a professional. They have the expertise and equipment to unblock pipes and ensure they stay clear for a long time. But how do they do it?

Licensed plumbers use a variety of equipment ranging from chemical cleaners to drain snakes and cable cleaners. At Sydney Premium Plumbing, we use a combination of the latest camera and jetter equipment to detect and unblock pipes successfully.

CCTV Cameras for unblocking pipesCCTV cameras

Sydney Premium Plumbing performs drain inspections using the latest available CCTV equipment. This involves using a specialised camera and cable that is snaked through the property’s pipes. The camera is connected to a screen allowing plumbers to inspect an almost 360-degree view of the pipes through a live feed. Once the plumber sees the problem via the screen, they can decide how to fix it.

CCTV inspections are great because there is no need to excavate, which is disruptive and time consuming. CCTV can easily detect not just blockages, but problems such as faulty joints, root invasions, leaks and debris. The camera is also used to confirm drains have indeed been successfully cleared of blockages and identify any risk of other blockages occurring in the future.

A CCTV inspection is a cost-effective and non-invasive way to find out what’s wrong with your pipes and where the problem lies exactly. CCTV is typically coupled with hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jettingUnblocking Drains - Sydney Premium Plumbing

Hydro-jetting clears drain blockages through the use of a high-pressure water machine. It comes with various nozzles – ranging from around 1500 to 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Unlike traditional methods, hydro-jetting is strong enough to cut through tree roots, hair, and grease build-ups while flushing them out at the same time. This is helpful to ensure there is no leftover debris to cause build-ups in the future.

Hydro-jetting is an extremely effective method for clearing out residential and commercial pipes. Traditional drain-clearing machines like cable cleaners use spinning blades to cut through blockages. This means CCTV can’t be used at the same time as the blades would damage the camera cable. With hydro-jetters, it’s possible to use CCTV cameras at the same time, saving time and money.

Sometimes hydro-jetters can work too well and the pressure can be too much for old and fragile pipes. Luckily, plumbers are experts in determining what strength will work best for each pipe.

Let the professionals at Sydney Premium Plumbing help with the latest most innovative equipment available. Our CCTV inspections and hydro-jetting services will ensure your drains are cleared and stay clear for years to come.


City Plumber rallies tradie mates to deliver a semi-trailer of Christmas support to Tamworth farmers and their families.

Over the past few months leading up to Christmas, city plumber Paul Skordilis has rallied local tradies to help make a difference this Christmas for Tamworth Farmers and their families. What he thought would just be a small load and a ute sufficient to transport supplies, turned into a 18 pallet semi-trailer and included 4000 litres of bottled water.

A small team from all different trades and backgrounds show us that good old Aussie mate-ship and helping out where you can no matter how big or small is very much alive and appreciated.

“I heard first hand from a mate who has family ties in rural NSW about the real plight the farmers are facing. This was further exacerbated of course by the bush fires sweeping through the state” Paul recounts.

“After hearing about the amazing work of local Tamworth foundation ‘Doing it for the Farmers’ from this mate of mine, Marco Armano, we knew it was something we wanted to be involved with and do our bit to help.”

Sue Ellen Wilkin runs the ‘Doing it for the Farmers’ Pantry in Tamworth which allows struggling farming families to essentially shop for basics necessities for free. Items such as bottled water, nonperishable food items, house hold goods and personal items. Pauls plan was simply to collect as many of these supplies as he could and drive them personally to Sue Ellen at the Pantry in Tamworth.

Paul with the help of his wife and sister made sure his call out was pushed out through Sydney Premiums Plumbing Instagram page. But it was Paul’s strong relationships, face to face meetings and hundreds of phone calls with colleagues, family and friends that made this happen.

Paul’s team at Sydney Premium Plumbing along with the support of his mates and other small businesses achieved donations estimated at $10,000.00 worth of pantry items.

Paul laughs before commenting “We were originally thinking that we could drive the ute up to Tamworth. We weren’t anticipating the support and donations that we received. My cousin Mark was able to organise a semi-trailer which we drove up to Tamworth just prior to Christmas with the rest of us following in our utes. Big road trip, took us around 7 hours.”

“We are so grateful for the support we received from family and friends and the generosity of various small businesses. We are blown away by the well wishes and thanks we received from many people on social media. But its not about us, its about the farmers and their families. There is no better feeling then helping support other hard-working families.”

The semi-trailer of Christmas support arrived in Tamworth on Friday afternoon 13th December 2019. Paul was accompanied by a few family members, friends, Rob at Politech Airconditioning, About Plumbing Time, Chris Mitchell Plumbing and Next Step Plumbing to help unload.

If you would like to donate to ‘Doing it for the Farmers’ visit:


Sydney Premium Plumbing wishes to personally thank:

  • Politech Airconditioning
  • About Plumbing Time
  • Chris Mitchell Plumbing
  • Next Step Plumbing
  • Divine Kitchens
  • Reece Plumbing Wetherill Park
  • Multipack
  • Zoe Palombit
  • Napoli Foods
  • The team at Costco Auburn
  • Blackbird Creations for their graphic design support