Emergency Plumbing Strathfield - Inner West Sydney
Emergency Plumbing Strathfield - Inner West Sydney

Blocked drains can be a major headache and inconvenience, not to mention an unexpected household expense. At Sydney Premium Plumbing we have decades of experience working with all sorts of reasons for blocked drains across all sorts of different buildings both residential and commercial.

Locating the Cause

A blocked drain can be caused by many situations from debris, oil, and residue building up in your pipes, all the way through to the forces of nature, tree root crushing or breaking a pipe, or perhaps an unruly tree where its roots have gone haywire.

Having the right tools and equipment such as a CCTV camera and electric eel are important for any plumber working on your blocked drain.

From your bathroom, laundry and kitchen to your sewer and storm water lines the professional team at Sydney Premium Plumbing can clear your blocked drain with ease.

We Have the Right Equipment for the Job

For blocked sewer lines and storm water pipes Sydney Premium Plumbing is able to locate the source of your blocked pipe with pipe locators and CCTV cameras.

Your blockage will be identified and rectified by a Sydney Premium Plumbing professional using state-of-the-art jet blasters and other specialist tools. It will be cleared quickly and efficiently. This allows savings on lengthy labour costs and time, saving you both money and time which we all value greatly.

If tree roots were the cause of the blockage, our experts can apply Rootx to prevent the roots from growing back or a Reline solution to prevent tree roots from entering your pipes again.

Our specialist services are to ensure your drain is unblocked, clear and for you and your family to get on with life with minimal disruption.

Also, and most importantly, Sydney Premium Plumbing pride themselves in tidiness and cleanliness, so your property will be left in tip top shape.

Sydney Premium Plumbing services all of Sydney and surrounding areas with expert training and advice for all your plumbing needs – repairs, renovations and everything in between.

  • 24 hour a day 7 day a week including emergency call outs.
  • Your fixed price quote – is the price you’ll pay – that’s a guarantee.