If you have a leaking tap or toilet – it’s money down the drain. Leaking kitchen taps, bathroom taps and toilets are annoying! What’s worse, if they are left unmaintained they can cost you your next family holiday to fix.

Leaking Taps Are Not Minor!

Even a minor leak can waste up to a thousand litres of water. It’s literally water and money down the drain.

Leaking taps are very common around your home, new or old, it makes little difference. Kitchen taps, bathroom taps and laundry taps all need maintenance every now and then in order to keep them working efficiently. It’s important and recommended that home owners arrange maintenance, and replacements if required so that you don’t find yourself paying for water that you simply are not using – but leaking from your taps and mixers.

As for leaking toilets, not only can they make a soggy mess of your bathroom, powder room or ensuite but can also damage walls, the floor or carpet of your home. This can lead to unsightly mould and an odour to match causing serious health concerns for your family and pets.